Shamal offers smart solutions in building and integrating systems, data acquisition & analysis.


Shamal Technologies adopts continuous learning cultures which helps fuel its strong partnerships with the top enterprises in the industry. We are bringing in the very best innovative solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the GCC region as a whole.


Our advanced technologies provide tailored, cost-cutting, accurate, scalable, and secured solutions by making extraordinary results through
listening, analyzing, planning, implementing, testing, and operating.


Shamal’s striving to take the next step of evolution in the peninsula and to become the sustainable global standard enterprise that leads the future of unmanned systems and AI technologies integrations in the region.

Our Values


Shamal stays at the cutting edge. The technical team is constantly researching while working with manufacturers along with the suppliers to ensure that our equipment always remains sharp and updated to develop new solutions.


Transparency promotes trust, loyalty, and responsibility, which also brings value to Shamal technologies. Our unmanned systems have no tricks, nor hidden agendas. We deliver precisely, what we promise


Shamal’s quality control experts work with the data through several checks and processes before submitting them to the client

Safety and Security

Shamal’s employees are vigorously trained, and operations are audited constantly throughout the year. Our clients have complete confidence that once they invite us onto their site, they can trust that we will operate seamlessly and safely


Shamal’s servers are secured, encrypted and access to them is restricted at all times


Shamal believes in solutions that combine digital technology and sustainability to ensure the reduction of environmental and ecological risks to preserve the earth for the future generations.


Shamal’s operations and technologies are up to the mark with the international levels of standardization.
Shamal’s activities, solutions, and services are entirely legalized and approved by the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).

Our Drone pilots are GACA 107 certified and insured for third party liability

CEO Message

“Drones, Remote Sensing Technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We want to lead this sector and, when we speak to our clients, they agree that they want to modernize and integrate these solutions into their existing systems. We put our clients first; it is their goals and outcomes which we want to help them achieve.”


“Our innovative approach to client-driven solutions means that we have a clear vision of what we want to achieve. Our clients require data acquisition accuracy and analysis now – and it is our goal to keep Shamal at the forefront of the new wave of drone, vehicle, and sensor technologies to ensure that our clients grow with us to get better and better results.”

Haitham Abdulmohsen Aljahdali