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Precision Agriculture

  • NDVI Analysis.

    • The future of farming

  • Spraying.

    • Spray WHAT you want WHERE you want. Decrease the amount sprayed but increase its effectiveness.

  • Micro droplets and the effects of the blade’s motors push the droplets further into the plant, increasing plant penetration.

  • Precision Agriculture allows farms/farmers to increase their success with applying for agricultural insurance, which is increasingly important in these times of uncertainty and weather changeability. Safeguard yourself from the effects of Global Warming.

Methane and GHG Analysis

We have recently been awarded a contract to work with PUNTA360 to assist them in delivering some groundbreaking work to provided Methane analysis across a wide area of rural Uganda. 

Funded by the EU, the SIRGE PROJECT is looking at the impact of the effects of high levels of growth in the nascent beef industry in two districts in Uganda, East Africa. Shamal Technologies is excited to integrate aerial survey drone and satellite-based data into is online platforms.