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There is a lot of ‘buzz’ around data acquisition, technology and drones. Drones are a talking point and offer an immediate image of humanity’s future where automation plays a greater role in our day to day lives. Separating fact from fiction is sometimes difficult at the best of times, but when it comes to the incredible potential future drones give us a glimpse of, the air becomes even more turbulent. The biggest challenge is that the visions being presented are feasible…but the simple fact is that the technologies have not gone through enough QC yet. The sector is agile, fast-moving and ever-changing and those who will lead in the field are those who stay on top of what was developed yesterday, what is available today and what will become available tomorrow.


Shamal strives to offer the latest in technological innovations. On land, we want to operate across the region using our cutting-edge equipment to survey faster and more accurately than ever before. In the air, we want to write the roadmap for drone implementation throughout the GCC region.


There is no question that technologies such as drones will play an ever-greater role in our modern society.  So, the only remaining question is: which company in YOUR sector will adopt their use first? Which company will integrate the future into their systems and gain an advantage over their competition? Will it be you? Will you lead the way? Or will you play catch up and allow others to increase their market share?



The Shamal is a wind sweeping down across the peninsular from the north. It brings with it change and has historically been responsible for a number of chronicled events.


Will YOU be ready to harness it?

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