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Mining Services

We offer two services;


1. Data Acquisition

Our fast and accurate surveys can scan 4km2 per day (weather allowing) and provide the results within hours. Oftentimes our clients ask us to scan for 1 hour in the morning and then we can have the processed results back to them by lunchtime.

2. Analytics

Our bespoke online software can run the collected data from the survey and not only provide a 3d map of the site but automatically analyse it according to the client's needs - all through a generic web browser, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. Imagine sitting in your desk in another city and monitoring your site for:

New Products


Volumetric scanning to quantify the material that has been removed, or to verify the quantity of material being processed in between scans​.

Haul Road Diagnosis 

Road Width - incorporate your site's vehicles and analyse where it is safe for them to pass


Road Gradient - Higher gradients mean higher fuel costs and more material spilt over the sides. Badly maintained watercourses also lead to erosion. 

Highwall Analysis

Monitor potentially unfit walls. Make notes ON the 3D model and refer your teams to them remotely

Remote Monitoring

Site owners or government agencies can ensure the smooth running of their sites under their control by receiving data on a regular basis