Traveling With a Drone

November – 9 – 2021

The lightweight, ultraportable nature of drones, combined with the high-quality photos and videos they can produce, make them ideal for documenting travels of all kinds. They are absolutely worth the slight inconvenience of packing your drone for a flight, and the need to learn the drone laws at your destination.

In this extensive guide, we’ll first outline the pros and then the cons of using a drone on your travels. By the time you’re done reading, you can confidently decide whether your UAV will be your new BFF the next time you travel.


The Pros of Traveling with a Drone
First, let’s begin with the multitude of benefits you can enjoy should you decide to bring your drone with you on your travels.


1. Drones are a more convenient way to take selfies and photos
When you visit a new part of the world, you’re taking photos almost nonstop. From landscape shots to photos of passersby and even a few selfies thrown in for good measure, you just can’t help it. You want to capture as much of the atmosphere and the moment as you can.

If you only have a camera, or – worse yet – just your smartphone to take photos, the setup time is quite inconvenient. You need to erect a tripod to get angled or elevated shots. Maybe you strap a GoPro to your head or your body, which makes you look very much like the tourist you are.

With a drone in your pocket, you can ditch the tripod and the GoPro. Your drone can take photos at your height, lower to the ground, or dozens of feet above your head. Many of today’s drones will shoot photos (including selfies) simply with a hand gesture or a voice command.

UAV technology has also become automated enough that you can set your drone to follow you or fly in a pattern or direction of your choosing, taking photos or videos along the way. That’s the only way to capture a dramatic photo of yourself in the distance. Well, besides, asking a stranger to use your phone or camera, that is.

You have to remember, while you’re traveling to a new place and seeing it for the first time, for many of those around you, this is simply where they live. The less you’re in the way when taking photos and videos, the better. Using your drone will allow you to quickly capture the footage you want and then continue your travels.